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About the Seminar

How do you know if you're really ready to date?
What's the best way to present yourself to the shadchan?
How do you really get to know the person you are dating?
How do you make sure your date is getting to know who you really are?

Dating to marry is serious business. Unfortunately, too many young singles enter the scene with little or no preparation, and are at risk of either starting too soon, falling into relationships that are unhealthy, or sabotaging those that might have been right for them. As a result, we're seeing a painful proliferation of broken engagements and early divorces, many of which could be avoided if people were only ready for marriage and knew how to date right.

This course is our response to this problem. In this comprehensive and very practical course, we guide singles from the moment they declare a willingness to date all the way through the courtship. We keep them focused on what matters most when choosing a  spouse that's just right for them, and that will offer the best chance for long-term marital happiness.

The course is divided into 4 parts, each of which is broken down into small, bite-sized video/audio segments which can be viewed/heard, conveniently, at your own pace. 



Rabbi Doniel Frank, M.Ed., LMFT, is a marriage and family therapist who works extensively with couples and dating singles. He has been presenting dating seminars for singles, parents of singles, and shadchanim for close to two decades. In addition to his private practice, Rabbi Frank directs M.A.P. Seminars, Inc., a non-profit organization that produces a host of life mastery seminars.




  • Introduction to the seminar
  • Article: No Shortcuts to the Chupah FREE PREVIEW
  • Article: Mapquest FREE PREVIEW
  • Course Manual FREE PREVIEW

PART 1: Am I Ready?


  • Criteria for Dating Readiness FREE PREVIEW
  • The Untenable Teenage Position
  • Are you responsible?
  • Why marry? ... Are you a giver?
  • Are you afraid of questions?
  • Can you tell me about yourself?
  • Do you have integrity?
  • Do you have unresolved issues?
  • Will you do the work?
  • Your questions/comments on PART 1

PART 2: Who Am I?


  • Introduction to Part Two
  • The Three Components of Character
  • Goals and Ambitions
  • Supporting Character Assertions
  • Proving Values
  • Proving Abilities
  • Proving Character Traits
  • Proving Goals
  • MY MAP program walkthrough
  • Passions
  • My Elevator Pitch
  • Your questions/comments on PART 2

PART 3: Getting to Know the Other


  • Introduction to Part Three
  • Checking Out a Prospective Date
  • Reference calls in halacha (courtesy of CCHF)
  • Goal of the First Date
  • Eliciting Through Listening
  • Eliciting Through Direct Questioning
  • Eliciting Clarity
  • Reducing pressure
  • Looking for Congruence
  • Debriefing After Dates
  • Your questions/comments on PART 3

PART 4: Letting the Other Know You


  • Introduction to Part Four
  • Making "I" Contact
  • Speaking in First Person
  • Choosing Premium Content
  • Unpackaging Your Stories
  • Disclosing Deficits
  • Clarifying Your Ambiguities
  • Risking Opening Up
  • Doing the Work
  • Your questions/comments on PART 4

Post-Course Message


  • Your Feedback
  • Post-course message

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The "Dating Essentials" seminar is a must for every young man and woman entering shidduchim. The material is well-organized, creative, and "on-the-mark."  ... If every young man and woman would be exposed to the ideas he presents, the dating process would go much smoother. Young people would have the tools to guide them to form much deeper relationships and meaningful marriages.
Ettie Rosenbaum, Menaheles, Maalot Seminary (Baltimore, Maryland)

Past Participants Say

"Awesome! Very clear and personable. Can't wait to start integrating it into my life."

"Great initiative, highly informative - in the comfort and convenience of my home."

"Not just a seminar from a marriage coach but from a professional. It was great."

"I loved the seminar. Very relevant, very helpful."

"Presented in an understandable way by a knowledgeable professional."

"Very insightful and helpful. Hope to be attending more in the future!" 

"Expertly planned and explained. Can't express how much I gained from the seminar." 

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